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17 ways to love your home, according to science

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I spent a few hours recently researching ways to improve my enjoyment of “home sweet home.” This is what I came up with, according to the latest research:

  1. Make your bed everyday. It makes you feel productive first thing in the morning and makes you feel special upon seeing it at the end of your day.
  2. Tidy up before leaving. If you maintain a mostly clean home, spend three minutes tidying up any clutter or misplaced items before you leave.
  3. Display sentimental decor. It reminds you of where you’ve been, what you enjoy, and who you are.
  4. Give daily thanks. Either in prayer, a journal, or to a loved one.
  5. Let there be light. Dark homes are depressing, so open blinds, windows, and invest in better light fixtures.
  6. Embrace everyday chores. You can’t get out of them. Might as well enjoy them. So pump yourself up the next time you have dishes (you got this!) and whistle while you work with music while doing laundry.
  7. Bring nature inside. Plants, flowers, Christmas trees, rocks, sand—anything to connect you to Mother Earth. This makes you feel alive.
  8. Have daily intent. If it’s a weekday, be productive and creative. If it’s a weekend or holiday, savor your free time.
  9. Toss as you go. Clutter adds up fast. So throw away things on a weekly, if not daily, basis to prevent stressful buildup later. As a general rule, throw away anything you haven’t used in a year.
  10. Do favors for your housemates. Surprise them by doing one of their chores. This makes you and them feel good.
  11. Call one friend or family member. Doing this everyday makes you feel loved, supported, and united.
  12. Fix things that break. Even little things. This makes your home the best it can be and is worth the effort or extra expenditure needed to pay someone else to fix it.
  13. Cultivate everyday aroma. Not only will cleaning make your house and you feel good, candles and other scents can enhance your senses and enjoyment of home even more.
  14. Welcome in people you love. Fill your home with non-toxic people that excite, support, and encourage you.
  15. Invest in experiences. Good food, a BBQ, party favors, games, movies, music, photos of last experiences, and especially travel that strengthens our bond and appreciate for home.
  16. Don’t over schedule—allocate time to relax. Do this for a few moments or one hour each weekday; more on weekends and holidays.
  17. Spend time on something bigger than yourself. Invoke God through prayer, singing, church attendance, or scripture reading. Maintain a journal or garden. Walk in nature.

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