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Will do again: 5-star swimming at a 3-star resort

courtesy photo

courtesy photo

Lindsey and I took the kids to fabulous Mesquite, Nevada last month for spring break. The city bills itself as “The way Vegas used to be.”

With only three casinos and extremely limited food options, I’m not so sure about that. But I was charmed by the place and plan on returning soon the next time I crave a desert oasis. Here’s why. 

  1. Mesquite is cheap. We stayed at the Casablanca, a three-star casino built in the ’90s. Poolside rooms are $50/night on weeknights, $80 on weekends. It’s an average, dated resort at best. But it’s a wonderful value. We stayed three nights but wish we would have stayed four.
  2. The pool is awesome. At only three feet deep, the pool is ideal for kids. It’s clean, features two waterfalls, a hot tub, and slide. The grounds are immaculate—as nice as the ones I enjoyed while staying at the posh Aria in Vegas earlier this year. The surrounding palm trees shaded my cares away, and the poolside drinks (virgin margaritas, piña colada, and Shirley Temples—I’m a hard drinker) helped us conquer the sun.
  3. The hot dog stand. About the food, it’s pretty underwhelming. I’d stay clear of Casa’s “cafeteria” (gross!), although their upscale on-site steakhouse was the highest rated restaurant out of 20 total on TripAdvisor. But there is a 75¢ Hebrew National hot dog stand in the casino that’s good. It’s not enough to make up for the lack of food options elsewhere, but it took some of the sting away.
  4. Mesquite Municipal Park. Just northwest of the city, there is a beautiful high-rise park that overlooks fast-growing Mesquite. Flanked by desert mountains on both sides, locals call the place Virgin Valley, as it was cut by the river of the same name (the same that carved Zion National Park). In any case, it offers quite a sight.

On our way home, we took a quick detour to Kolob Canyon off I-15. The photo taken by strangers was a little blurred, but the trip was outtasight. Will go again.