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Boycott companies that beg for bailout money

They can take away my representation, but that can’t take away my purchasing power.

I’ve said it before, but it’s been frustrating to watch the ballooning growth of our national debt, after eight years of unprecedented ballooning. For a long time, it seemed as if I was powerlessness to what was going on—like I couldn’t fight back.

Not anymore.

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Contact your elected official(s) today and tell them to vote against the revised $700B bailout

Che Guevara is against $700 billion Wall Street bailoutsHere’s how, in three painless steps:

  1. Search your elected officials here using your zip code
  2. Select “president and congress officials.” For today, click on all representatives and email them under the contact tab (Utah residents should email Rep. Cannon at
  3. Paste the following email using “Vote ‘against’ the revised $700 billion Wall Street bailout” as the subject.
    Rep. [last name]

    On behalf of friends, family, and my influence as a local blogger, please vote against the revised $700 Wall Street bailout this Friday (Oct 3).

    Thank you,[You name]
    [city, state]

The whole process from start to finish will only require a minute of your time, but you must act today! Isn’t saving the dollar easy?