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Brazil sees piracy as marketing tool rather than property theft

The AP explores the phenomenon of Brazilian technobrega – a movement that encourages and exploits pirated music in an effort to promote ticket sales of live show performances. It’s a very interesting read on a country I know and love.

From the article: “‘Piracy is the way to get established and get your name out. There’s no way to stop it, so we’re using it to our advantage,’ explains Gabi Amarantos, who frequently appears on Brazilian TV on the strength of bootleg sales of her CDs (from which artists don’t get a cut).”

Again, if you haven’t already go watch Good Copy Bad Copy like now. Go on. Shoo! It’s really good — though it does contain some explicit language given the coverage of hip hop music and copyrights.

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Superb documentary on copyright and remix culture

I’m on a roll with controversial documentaries. I just finished watching Good Copy Bad Copy in which independent Danish filmmakers examine copyright law in the US and abroad. It’s fascinating to see how other countries treat IP, let alone make money from music and movies in ways the RIAA and movies aren’t even close to understanding or trying. I don’t necessarily have a solution to the challenges that piracy creates, but this 58 minute film is a must-see on the subject. Download the torrent here (it’s free!)

[via BoingBoing]