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Poll: Where do your HD loyalties lie?

In light of recent news that Warner Bros picked Blu-ray over HD-DVD, there’s talk that the HD format war is essentially over, as nearly 75 percent of all studios pick Blu. Paramount and Universal, the last of the big five movie studios, are rumored to be following suit in an effort to avoid consumer confusion at retail.

Even though I own a Blu-ray player, I’m kind of rooting for a stale mate so we can bypass optical media altogether and go straight to downloads. I don’t even buy Blu-ray movies (only renting them) because I’m unconvinced that’s how HD should be consumed. Sure, the picture is gorgeous, though to a lesser extent than the transition from VHS to DVD. So I ask…

Paramount stalemates HD format war

I’m going to let the AP sum up the news cause I’m lazy today:

“Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc. will offer next-generation DVDs in the HD DVD format and drop support for Blu-ray, further complicating the race between the competing technologies… With Paramount dropping Blu-ray support, Time Warner Inc.’s Warner Bros. remains the only major studio releasing movies in both formats.”

Can someone say stalemate? Oh, and my PS3 just lost some value (it doubles as a Blu-ray player).

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Never buy HDMI cables at retail stores

Here’s a protip for those transitioning into the high-definition world; never buy HDMI cables at retail stores. The cheapest you’ll find one is $50-60 for a four foot cord whereas an online store will get you a 6′ cord for as little as $10 ( and for example). has a three for $17 deal right now.

And don’t be fooled with the quality argument on this one. Assuming the cord has standard durability (i.e. a plastic casing), you’ll see zero difference in picture quality as it’s all ones and zeros. Monster Cables worked in the analog world. They have little place in the digital one.