Blake Snow

writer-for-hire, content guy, bestselling author

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Work-wise: What people say about me



I’ve been called many things. Here are some of the more flattering ones:

  • “This guy knows content. How to write it. How to package it. How to sell it. His efforts boosted our traffic 20 fold.”
  • “I’ve recommended his inventive writing to everyone in my network—he’s definitley one of the good guys.”
  • “Blake is the most responsive vendor I’ve ever worked with. His project management, initiative, and support are admirable.”
  • “I love his tenacity, wit, and entertaining voice. He knows how to produce must-click headlines and stories that hold one’s attention from the opening sentence to the last.”
  • “In addition to being a great writer, Blake is gently persistent when it comes to getting things done, sourcing interviews, and meeting deadlines.”
  • “I was skeptical of Blake’s ability to keep telling fresh stories; to maintain an engaging ongoing narrative. Here we are two years later and he’s still churning out good stuff.”
  • “I’ve worked with him for six years. What else can I say?”
  • “Blake is a trustworthy, reliable, and responsive individual. I would happily share with anyone my experiences that support that statement.”
  • “Uh, where to begin? He’s good at killing spiders.”—my wife

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