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I finally switched from Firefox to Chrome and I’m loving it

google chrome logo

After five loyal years using Firefox as my browser of choice, I finally switched to Google Chrome. Here’s why

  1. It’s noticeably faster than Safari, Firefox, and IE.
  2. It doesn’t crash like Firefox.
  3. Plugins and add-ons are much more stable.
  4. It’s smarter (i.e. it won’t overwrite a URL your inputing while loading a page) etc.
  5. It synchronizes my Internet experience, regardless of which machine I’m on.
  6. It has a minimized interface (doesn’t take up a lot of monitor space).
  7. It works with my Chromebook.

Admittedly, Firefox started the whole “smart browser” thing. But with Chrome, Google has built the better mousetrap. For now, at least.

Get this! Firefox 3 is mucho fast

I just upgraded from Firefox 2 to 3 on both my PowerBook and desktop PC. Man is it noticeably faster and less of a resource hog (like, my CPU fan no longer kicks into high gear when 10-15 tabs are open). Though some of my nifty extension are incompatible on launch day, those things usually get upgraded in a matter of days. Get this!