Blake Snow

content advisor, recognized journalist, bodacious writer-for-hire

As seen on CNN, NBC, ABC, Fox, Wired, Yahoo!, BusinessWeek, Wall Street Journal
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Hire me: 7 reasons you should

photo credit: clay wood

I help Fortune 500 companies find their voice, tell their story, and reach millions. Maybe I can help you, too.

Interested in hiring me as a content advisor, embedded journalist, or bodacious writer-for-hire? Take these—they’ll help you along your way:

  1. I’ve written for people you know and trust. Namely CNN, USA Today, National Geographic, Wired Magazine, NBC News, Fox News, and Engadget among others. All told I’ve written for half of the top 20 U.S. media and dozens more in the top 100. See also: How I make headlines | Published works
  2. I advise Fortune 500 companies as a strategic consultant.Since 2009, I’ve strategized, written for, and contracted with Google, Dell, Cisco, SAP, PepsiCo, American Express, and more from the Fortune 100. Among Fortune 500 companies, I’ve been hired by Adobe, Nike, EMC, Deloitte, Sony, KPMG, Autodesk, PwC, Marriott International, Booz Allen, Western Digital, Lenovo, Cognizant, Broadcom and others to help tell their story. What’s more, 86% of people who hire me re-up with me more than once. See also: What 12 years of content marketing have taught meHow I work | Client writing samples
  3. I know how to reach millions of people. Although the exception—and never something I promise—I’ve reached millions of readers on more than one occasion. Thanks to social media, three of my stories went viral in a single day and garnered 15 million views. Those successes and subsequent failures taught me how to headline, sell a story, and keep readers engaged until the last period, whether on behalf of media or branded journalism for commercial clients. See also: 6 success stories, 1 failure
  4. I’m responsive, proactive, and persistent. I don’t give up until everyone in the rooms says “no.” I’m quick to learn, highly motived, and I get things done on time. I’m also a Fab 40 award-winner writer. (See also: What people say about me)
  5. I’ve found my groove and calling in life. I consider myself blessed. I’m fortunate to work a job I love for clients I’m excited about. That passion comes through in my writing, which engages readers better than the alternative. See also: Here’s what you need to know about me
  6. I think analytically, objectively, and take convincing angles. I do this by following numbers as much as my heart, researching an issue or decision thoroughly before trusting my gut, and acknowledging misconceptions and disrepute when telling the most believable stories.
  7. I’m proud of my work. For the aforementioned publications and brands as much as my blog. Given the chance, I hope to make you proud, too. See also: Professional accomplishments I’m proud of

For those who care, I graduated with honors from BYU’s business school. Thanks for considering me. To learn more, please email.