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writer-for-hire, content guy, bestselling author

As seen on CNN, NBC, ABC, Fox, Wired, Yahoo!, BusinessWeek, Wall Street Journal
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Professional accomplishments I’m proud of

imageThe consultant I paid (Hi, Josh!) to tell me what I already knew — and I’d do it again with a 10 foot pole… Am I saying that right? — said I needed to promote myself more. To that end, here are a few work-related accomplishments I’m proud of:

  1. Have written for half of the top 20 U.S. media (dozens more in the top 100)
  2. Have worked for a handful of Fortune 100 companies, dozens of Fortune 500 ones, and some of the coolest little guys I know. 
  3. 75% of my feature stories for CNN were top tech stories for 24 hours or longer (in some cases 7 days). All of my CNN stories make the homepage, which are only reserved for special, trending, or bigger stories.
  4. Was the second most popular tech writer for NBC News during my two year tenure as columnist, according to Omniture
  5. Boosted a news agency’s traffic by 15% during my two year tenure in a saturated and declining market
  6. Boosted Dell’s online traffic x 4 during 2 year content production tenure
  7. Boosted a .gov traffic x 20 in 2 years w/ great stories
  8. 95% of my clients re-up with me in the first year, 75% within 2 years. Clients stick with me on average of 3 years.
  9. Finish 98% of my projects on time and 85% on budget
  10. Have done much of this while keeping my sanity, getting a good night’s sleep, and without sacrificing my more interesting personal life. In other words, I can carry on a conversation well beyond work, and prefer it that way.

On a personal note, a few other things I’m proud of: My family, being a two-time marathoner, 96% chess player, and local symphony sponsor.

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