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Recent travel stories I’ve published for CNN, NatGeo, USA Today, LA Times, and more

For nearly 10 years, I’ve written and published hundreds of travel articles for CNN, National Geographic, USA Today, LA Times, Lonely Planet, Fodor’s, Orbitz, Frommers, and Travel Weekly. For that last five years, I’ve served as the monthly travel columnist for Paste Magazine (8 million readers), which has taken me to six continents and dozens of countries. For my most recent articles, click here. For some of my favorites, consider these:

Best of 2022

  1. When traveling this year, don’t over prepare. Just go.
  2. Hiking Half Dome, America’s Most Demanding-and Perhaps Deadliest-Day Hike
  3. This Cheap, Doctor-Recommended Way of Turning Coach into First-Class Could Change How You Travel
  4. Stop Underrating Brazil: Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Avoid South America’s Jewel
  5. A Tale of Two Canyons: One Colossal, One Confined, Both Awe-Inspiring
  6. Misjudging Madrid on Foot, Scooter, and Bougie Range Rover
  7. Hawaii: Seven Days, Four Islands, One Cruise
  8. It’s Okay to Just Hang Out at the Hotel and Do Absolutely Nothing on Vacation
  9. Despite Significant Delays, We Still Enjoyed America’s Most Scenic Train Ride
  10. 5 Cool Things about Virgin Voyages, the New Adults-Only Cruise Line
  11. Loyalty in Lisbon: Going to Portugal with Travel’s Largest Points Program
  12. You Don’t Have to Be a Patriot to Love Washington, D.C.
  13. Say Hello to America’s Newest National Park, New River Gorge
  14. 5 reasons to unwind at Cancun’s “newest” all-inclusive resort
  15. The 20 Best National Parks in America
  16. Here’s Why Mexico City Is One of the Trendiest Places to Visit Right Now
  17. Explore Utah with these proven transportation tips
  18. Everything you need to know before visiting: Table Mountain | Christ The Redeemer

Best of 2021

  1. Get out there: My new monthly travel column
  2. America’s greatest hut hike is among the world’s best
  3. A slice of vintage Vallarta in Las Palmas by The Sea
  4. 10 reasons this might be America’s greatest lake
  5. Wasting away at Magaritaville’s first all-inclusive
  6. 9 travel myths you shouldn’t believe
  7. Is this the best beach in mainland America?
  8. Best of the Big Easy | 12 museums to visit before you die
  9. 5 ways this trendy reservoir rivals Lake Powell
  10. America’s coolest caves | 5 “southern” cities that never get old
  11. Berlin’s abandoned spy station is the most dystopian thing ever
  12. 8 epic bucket list items in the Mountain West
  13. Utah: Best roadtrips | national parks | things to do | time to visit

Best of the rest (2014-2020)

  1. What I learned from a lack of travel this year
  2. What it’s like to hike among 5,000 year old trees
  3. 5 border-straddling natural wonders to see from both sides
  4. Going extinct in Utah’s Dinosaur National Monument
  5. How to travel when you can’t
  6. How to see the seedier side of Berlin
  7. Top 10 of 2019 (various)
  8. Cliff-jumping The Atlantic: Ireland’s best coasteering spots
  9. Japanese zen: Hiking one of the oldest trails in the world
  10. Top 10 cycling cities
  11. 7 takeaways after cruising the Mediterranean with my kids
  12. Video: 6 ways to overcome your fear of travel
  13. Is Newfoundland the next Iceland?
  14. Which Utah National Park is right for you?
  15. Everything you need to know before visiting Machu Picchu
  16. What coasteering feels like
  17. Staying in President Trump’s #1 rated hotel
  18. Hiking the Alps: 10 days, 3 countries, 1 epic mountain
  19. Critic turned fan: My Disneyland conversion story
  20. What 10,000 miles from home feels like
  21. Went skydiving today. Didn’t die.
  22. Why Americans don’t travel abroad
  23. 5 reasons travel is overrated
  24. What I learned hiking Patagonia with National Geographic
  25. Why a monotonous view is better than none
  26. What I learned crossing South Africa by train
  27. 5 things I learned after visiting New Zealand
  28. The best of Australia
  29. 5 reasons cliche Costa Rica is still “Pura Vida”
  30. What it’s like crossing America’s Loneliest Road
  31. The greatest mountain wilderness you’ve never heard of
  32. My very best travel columns (so far)

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