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Published works: My very best travel columns (so far)

Courtesy Lindsey Snow

Last month, Paste Magazine unexpectedly and suddenly shuttered their travel section and (along with it) my weekly column. After 126 consecutive and wonderful stories, the news was devastating.

More than just money (which admittedly wasn’t much), the perk-filled gig served as a weekly source of education, inspiration, and a renewed understanding of writing for mainstream audiences again. Furthermore, it took me and sometimes even my friends and family to five different continents, dozens of countries, countless destinations, and introduced me to hundreds of interesting people.

Although I’ve yet to find a replacement, I have some promising leads for the unpublished and upcoming articles in the pipe. And I’m determined and confident that I’ll be able to find a new suitor for my column, which was read by over 900,000 monthly individuals, according to a November 2016 estimate by the nation’s fourth largest tourism board (i.e. Visit Orlando).

Until then, here are the stories I am most proud of—the best of my travel column so far: 

  1. What 10,000 miles from home feels like
  2. Hiking Patagonia with National Geographic
  3. 5 reasons Anguilla is worth its high Caribbean cost
  4. Staying in Trump’s #1 rated hotel
  5. Things I learned Biking Buenos Aires
  6. 5 reasons travel is overrated
  7. Winter sports: The cyclical nature of “cool”
  8. Went skydiving today. Didn’t die.
  9. What I learned after electric car camping in The Rockies
  10. 5 ways to rethink your bucket list
  11. Why Americans don’t travel abroad
  12. 5 ways this airplane documentary will open your eyes
  13. Why Newfoundland is the next great adventure
  14. How to travel when you can’t
  15. Why a monotonous view is better than none
  16. How adventurous people inspire new and forgotten dreams
  17. 5 things I learned after fondling a globe
  18. What I learned crossing South Africa by train
  19. 5 travel books to brainwash your kids with
  20. Best things to do in Monument Valley
  21. Do guidebooks still travel well?
  22. The best foods I’ve discovered while traveling
  23. Hiking Mount Blanc: 10 days, 3 countries, 1 epic mountain
  24. My best trips of 2015
  25. 5 European cities found in North America
  26. On location in legendary New Zealand: 5 reasons why
  27. 5 Ways New South Wales Does Australia Right
  28. Why cliché Costa Rica is still “pura vida”
  29. Traversing America’s loneliest road
  30. Why you should never “do as the locals do”
  31. Extreme theme-parking: Why Orlando matters
  32. My best trips of 2016
  33. 5 travel cliches that are full of crap
  34. Why the iconic Alaskan cruise is so popular
  35. How to travel a seemingly divided world
  36. 10 tropical days in far-out Oahu
  37. Why do we travel?
  38. Critic turned fan: Just how happy is Disneyland?

FUN FACT: This incredible journey all started two and a half years ago after writing a critical but positive review of Disneyland, which lead to immediate syndication in my local paper, a bylined article for USA Today, newly opened doors at other fancy outlets, and ultimately the extraordinary opportunity given to me by Alex Crevar, my life-giving editor at Paste. (Thank you, Alex. And Thank you Paste for having me as long as you did.)