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Best of my blog: 15 years, 2000 posts later


Like so many other peasants — and royalty for that matter — I owe much of my good fortune to luck and timing. And nothing has been more beneficial to my career than getting into blogging before it became blasé.

I barely made it. 

You see, in the winter of 2005, my kid sister started a blog. I enjoyed long-form writing in college and am never short of opinions, so I thought I could follow her lead as a way to flex my writing muscle. A month later, I started this blog under the pseudonym of Smooth Harold (may he rest in peace).

Little did I know the act would soon launch a career as a writer and adviser, after finding success in reaching large audiences. By the end of 2005, I was hired by Aol as a paid blogger, which lead to bigger and greater writing gigs, editorial roles, and ultimately the commercial writing I do now.

I said barely made it because by the end of 2006, blogging had gone mainstream, five years after blog pioneers first stuck their stakes in the ground. In the ensuing years, it became increasingly difficult for any good writer to break through and get a shot. So I’m grateful for the one I was given. I’m thankful for my kid sister’s first move. I’m thankful to all the editors, publishers, and clients for trusting my way with the yarn.

This spring, my blog turned 15 years old. Over 2000 posts later, these are my favorite entries: