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Smooth Harold’s Top 52 Natural Highs

My wife Lindsey blogged the other day about things that get her excited (read: make her happy). Liking the idea, here are my top 52 natural highs, heavy on sappiness and in no particular order.

  1. Having Sadie spontaneously jump on my back in an effort to play
  2. Getting a compliment from Lindsey
  3. Going to a baseball game with my wife and daughter, hotdogs and all
  4. Writing a well-informed, smart, and astute feature article
  5. Having one of my article’s reach the Digg homepage
  6. Having Sadie squeeze-hug on demand
  7. Eating a well-marinated steak with Lindsey (Spencer’s in Salt Lake is the best stake we’ve ever had)
  8. Playing a really good and unique video game
  9. HDTV programming (any kind right now as the novelty has yet to wear off)
  10. Watching a Blu-ray movie
  11. Receiving a phone call from an old friend
  12. Closing a deal (a sale, new account, whatever. Just the thought of closing someone on new business is awesome)
  13. Hearing Sadie speak English: Bite, Change you, and I love you much, are some of my favs.
  14. Knowing the rewards of expecting a second child (Oct 15)
  15. Getting a scoop on a story
  16. Getting a comment on Smooth Harold
  17. Earning unexpected revenue
  18. Writing in general
  19. Getting a great deal on a meal
  20. Getting a great deal on just about anything I buy
  21. Leaving Wal-mart because we nearly always leave having gotten a great deal
  22. Getting my cars washed
  23. Watching college football
  24. Watching the World Cup every four years and dreaming about actually going to one someday
  25. Reading a really good biography
  26. Getting paid to develop a company’s online strategy
  27. Playing ball with Sadie on the lawn
  28. Seeing Lindsey get excited with something
  29. Knowing Lindsey prioritizes motherhood above her own ambitions
  30. Seeing a grueling tennis match go to five sets
  31. Recording a podcast
  32. Receiving a package or non-spam letter in the mail
  33. Receiving payment from a client
  34. Telling the truth when no one will know the difference (being honest with a flawed Uncle Sam is the hardest)
  35. Meeting new people (anyone, really)
  36. Helping someone in need (rare, but given the after effects you’d think I’d do it more)
  37. Hitting a baseball while batting in a run
  38. Having one of the nicest landlords I’ve ever had
  39. Seeing Lindsey in high heels (ooh, la, la)
  40. Wanting to sit with Lindsey for a very long time due to a great conversation we’re having
  41. Getting an email from Ebay saying “your item has sold!”
  42. Getting an email from PayPal saying “you have received payment from…”
  43. Having Sadie get excited upon seeing me
  44. Seeing Lindsey buy something she really wants (which is rare because she is a simpleton)
  45. Getting to work from home so I can see Lindsey and Sadie several times during the day
  46. Hanging out with our friends the Andersen’s who have zero pretenses and are a lot of fun
  47. Remembering the fun times I had growing up with four sisters, one brother, and two loving parents
  48. Getting one of several magazines I subscribe to
  49. Knowing that someone else files my taxes and does my book keeping
  50. Getting a professional compliment from someone I respect (colleagues, peers, editors, etc)
  51. Hearing someone speak candidly about their feelings and personal experiences
  52. Leaving church with the feeling, hope, and comfort that I can become a better individual

There are hundreds more, but those are the ones that quickly come to mind.

What are you favorite natural highs?