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Be extra kind online to these 7 minorities

Six years ago, I published one of my most popular blog posts entitled 8 people you should be extra kind to. If you haven’t read it already, I suggest you do. If you have, I encourage you to read it again as a refresher. It can make the world a better place.

Although it’s a fact that today’s world is healthier, wealthier, more peaceful, more welcoming, and overall better than ever before (more proof here), it’s also undeniable that online comments are nastier, ruder, more divisive, more hateful, more emotionally charged, and more intimidating than ever.

With that in mind, USA Today recently published a nationwide survey of harassment in America. These were the seven groups that reported the most hateful comments, and consequently the ones you should be extra kind too:

  • Sexual minorities. Think lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender. A whopping 63% encountered harassment. Please don’t add to it, even if you disagree with how they use their genitals, which is a silly reason not to like someone.
  • Muslims. It’s a shame that this multi-denominational group is lumped in with a rogue but very loud sliver of terrorists. But they are. Don’t believe the hype. 99.9% of them are good people.
  • Hispanic. No idea why this group is even on this list other than the fact that their immigrating numbers threaten people. They are overwhelmingly kind, hard-working, and make the best comfort food in the world.
  • Blacks. A shrinking minority that disproportionately accounts for much of our art, entertainment, athletics, literature, and so much more. We should be thanking them for that. Oh, and vanilla is better with chocolate. And judging books by their covers is beyond trite.
  • Women. Even more so than hispanics, it baffles me that this group even made the list. Don’t we all have mothers? Most of us have wives and girlfriends; half of us have sisters. So please be nice to them, even if their Venusian ways confuse your Martian understanding.
  • Asians. Intelligent, well-traveled, succulent food, supremely human—I simply don’t understand what’s not to like. Yes, some of them formed an understandable but bad habit of breaking in line while sharing resources with one billion people. But other ethnicities have committed far worse crimes. Really.
  • Jewish. These guys are like the Kardashians of hate-speech. People hate them solely because they’ve been hated on for so long with no good reason as to why. It’s ridiculous and outright Nazi-ish to blame them for anything. Blame yourself for your lack of success.

So there you have it. Please be extra kind online to the above. You don’t have to coddle or pity on them. Just treat them with kindness and respect, and they’ll do the same to you. I promise. Kindness begets kindness; hate begets hate. We’re all in this together.