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A baby’s smile is a natural high

Lindsey and Maddie Snow — Everyone knows nothing melts a mother’s heart like a baby’s smile. But Houston researchers have found that it also activates a region of the brain known as the reward center, a middle area associated with feelings of euphoria. Previous research has shown the reward center also flips on when addicts take drugs.

Confirmed! But parents already knew this.

I got ‘high’ while running last week

Homer runningI started running again in March and have so far been consistent with my efforts. It marks the first time that I’ve done so in three years.

Last week, I had quite the experience towards extending my determination: I got high while running — a natural/adrenaline high, that is. But it wasn’t the kind that enthuses for a passing moment. It was one of the strongest, most euphoric natural highs I’ve ever had. So much in fact that it encouraged me to run farther and longer than I ever have.

This unshapely body isn’t dead yet!