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“The American dream is alive and well,” according to these two paragliders

Several years ago, I visited San Diego for a story I wrote for Paste Magazine.

While there I met two Latino immigrants who are now paragliding pilots for one of the best paragliding spots in the whole world—Torrey Pines.

The first was named J.C. Originally from Venezuela, “I come to America twenty years ago with only $70 and a parachute,” he told me when I asked about his story. “Now I have a wife and kids and pilot parachutes for a living,” he added. 

Another man named Junior told me he used to make sandwiches for the Torrey Pines cafe before becoming a full-time pilot. Today he regularly takes paying guests on controlled spiral spins and up-downs above the beautiful coastline. “The American Dream is a live and well,” he told me then. 

I realize this small sample size cannot and does not speak for every immigrant or domestic American story. I also realize this is a topic many people will disagree on.

But in my experience, I meet more believers in the American dream than not. And as long as immigrants keep coming in at record numbers, the outside world seems to think the same.

Can’t fault them for trying. Or better yet, doing. It’s the type of believers I want my children to share their future with.

I’ve never looked this cool

Blake Snow surfing in San Diego California, June 2009

While in San Diego recently, I went surfing for the first time. As my wife will tell you, I’m pretty proud of myself. Regrettably, I was unable to stand after two hours of riding. But I did get up on both knees a couple of times, so that was pretty cool. The score so far: Ocean 1, Blake 0. In any case, I’m totally taking up surfing as a hobby. Just need to find a nearby ocean.

Stop and go: I’m sick for the big sun

sd to la

Lindsey and I are taking the girls to San Diego for a few days of sand and sun, after which I’m headed to Los Angeles for E3 through Thursday. I’ll stay offline if you do. Have a great week, readers. (photo)

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