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How to drive site traffic by going against the word-of-mouth grain

Here’s an easy, if not cheap, content strategy to drive copious amounts of traffic to your website or blog really fast. No mischievous cats needed.

  1. Wait for a hot, buzz-worthy product or service to take over the internets, like a new iPod, Twitter, etc.
  2. Post a listicle on 5-10 reasons why the newly released product sucks. Objectivity is optional.
  3. Watch the traffic roll in if your Digg copy is well written and/or if you get picked up by niche sites covering the product in question.

Don’t confuse my simpleton post with sarcasm; this is guaranteed to work, I promise. In this case, you’re banking on human nature alone, tabloid-style. It will work every time assuming you’re first to market with a well-written post, however subjective. This applies to any product or service that gains easy notoriety on the web.