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37 Signals on meetings

Other than staying consistent with the things that I’ve learned while building websites over the past 5 years, 37 Signals new eBook on what I call smart web development understands the importance of not having meetings. From the book: “Do you really need a meeting? Meetings usually arise when a concept isn’t clear enough. Instead of resorting to a meeting, try to simplify the concept so you can discuss it quickly via email or im… The goal is to avoid meetings. Every minute you avoid spending in a meeting is a minute you can get real work done instead.”

For any non-nerds out there, 37 Signals puts out some of the most refreshing web software in existence. Apple is to computer hardware as 37 Signals is to web software. If you want to sound cool around your techie friends, just say that “37 Signals is putting out really great web apps.” I’ve yet to read the full eBook, but I can tell from the sample chapters that these guys “get it.”