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5 entrepreneur beliefs demystified

Entrepreneur Magazine demystifies five common beliefs with my commentary in parenthesis:

  1. Do what you love, and the money will follow (You gotta make sure someone will buy what you love, but this is virtually true in most logical cases.)
  2. You’ll miss the security of a job (There ain’t much security in the corporate world. You want security? Get tenured in academia.)
  3. If you don’t grow, you’ll die (Sounds right, but it’s wrong. The Small Giants book backs that claim up, as do a thousand other companies.)
  4. If it’s such a good idea, somebody would have thought of it already (90% of business is execution. Wrong.)
  5. You can’t start a business without a lot of money (I started my company with $100. Granted, service businesses are much cheaper, but many product companies started as service companies to fund future R&D.)