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6 Fads To Ignore

The following items should come and go as quickly as Vlogs did:

  1. Podcasting. seems like anything with “pod” in it will do well. This should die off soon though due to no business model whatsoever.
  2. Space Tourism. Maybe someday, but this ain’t happening anytime soon.
  3. Outsourcing. You have nothing to fear as long as you keep learning. Local workers are always more valued, even with the internet.
  4. China Rules The World. Yeah they’re getting big and that’s okay, but remember even Japan didn’t surpass the US economy in the 1980’s like people said they would.
  5. HD-DVD’s. Sure, let the manufactures fight over which technology will be used next (Bluray or HD). Only problem; customers haven’t been asking for it.
  6. Celebrity Clothing Brands. Yawn. This isn’t going anywhere.

(Source: Business 2.0)