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8 reasons Obama is better than you think

I didn’t vote for Obama yesterday. I voted Ron Paul (knowing he wouldn’t win) because I believe limited government is what’s needed most right now as this country approaches bankruptcy. You can’t change the world or serve the people as a government if you’re broke.

But I was happy nonetheless last night with Obama’s election — it was an exciting and historical moment. While I strongly disagree with his big government ideas, I take comfort in his upcoming presidency for the following reasons:

  1. He’s not President Bush. Objective individuals know President Bush has virtually nothing to show for over the last eight years, which was rife with ineptitude (not beheading Bid Laden, false war in Iraq, Patriot Act, TSA, Katrina, No Child Left Behind, the most costly president in U.S. history, “Mission Accomplished” — you know). That alone is enough to encourage at least some change for the better.
  2. He’s young. I like the fact that Obama is 47 and more innocent to Washington than most, being that he’s only been there for fours years. I’m sure he has special interest in his pocket, but I’m sure he’s not as susceptible to corruption as long-time politicians have proven to be. I also like that young children will be in the White House for the first time since the 60s, something that’s sure to dictate Obama’s judgment when it comes to policy.
  3. He aims to pull out of Iraq within 18 months. This alone will help save the country trillions, let alone our reputation. I’m hopeful Obama will be judicious in not spending the savings, but paying down debt to save the dollar. Though liberal, he’s shown he’s more conservative than others when it comes to spending, being a proponent for greater accountability with the use of federal funds, which is only a good thing.
  4. He promises to audit federal spending. I could be totally wrong, but again I’m hopeful this action will lead to paying down debt with the surplus. NASA and a lot of other dinosaur programs, you gotta go, at least your permanent operations.
  5. He’s the most specific candidate I’ve heard in years. If you think Obama is “the devil,” then this reason will be of little comfort to you, as even Dr. Evil was specific in his plans. But if you believe Obama might just be a patriot, who loves the opportunity his country has given him, than his candid plan shows that he cares, even if you disagree with most of the details.
  6. He went to Harvard. I know the school has become a degree factory in recent years, but you still have to be smart to get into Harvard. And who doesn’t want a book-smart president?
  7. He’s highly motivated to do a good job as the first black president. He has his work cut out for him, but he won’t get re-elected in 2012 if he dorks around. He obviously knows this.
  8. He’s under “checks and balances” just like every other elected official. This is a big one, and something everyone seems to forget. Was I the only elementary student who learned that the federal government is not controlled by a single monarch, but by three equally powerful branches: the executive, the legislative, and the judicial, which work to keep the other guys honest? Yes, checks and balances can fail, as they did in 2003-2004 when Bush used fear to launch a suspect war and pass the Patriot Act. But I still believe in the system. You should too because there are still good men in the world.

An Obama presidency isn’t good for everyone. If you’re making more than $200k a year, you’ll likely see a tax increase if the president gets his way. Profitable corporations might also see their margins cut into with higher taxes. But if you’re making $200k a year or are profitable as a company, I don’t feel that bad for you. And businesses still have to hire employees, even if a tax increase eats into their profits. Don’t let business retards tell you otherwise. Entrepreneurs will maneuver anything to make a buck and grow the economy.

Suffice it to say, don’t let a conservative hive mind get you down. There is hope, even if it wasn’t what you had in mind. Here’s hoping Obama can work with congress to get stuff done.