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Apple’s iPod vs. Microsoft’s Zune

Slashdot reports: “Wal-Mart accidentally published online the intended price of the Microsoft Zune; the iPod rival would apparently retail for $284. The price was quickly pulled from the Wal-Mart site. Reports say that Microsoft was flustered when Apple dropped the price for the iPod 30 GB, previously $299, to $249.”

I can’t imagine Zune selling at the same price as an iPod. Microsoft better make sure they significantly cut their unit price, because I personally don’t view wireless music transfers from pc to mp3 player (which Zune does) as a premium. iPod’s interface still to this day is the reason it’s such a good mp3 player. If Microsoft can’t challenge or add to that interface, it will still be a very tough battle for the world’s largest software maker.