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Battle of New Orleans

Hurricane Katrina was bad. The flooded wasteland of New Orleans is even worse. My wife and I had a chance to watch some news coverage tonight on the status of the city. I can’t believe my eyes, and it feels eerily similar to how I felt after 9/11. What makes it even more difficult though is that the water hasn’t receded, impeding evacuation efforts.

The city is now a lake, 80% of which is submerged in water. Looters are everywhere. They are even firing shots upon helicopters, police officers, and hospitals. It’s simply chaotic. It’s like Lord of the Flies only it takes place in a drowned, once flourishing metropolitan area. It’s been four days since the storm hit, and I’m perplexed by not seeing images of military convoys entering the city with food and supplies, then exporting individuals to safer ground. It just appears that very little is being done. When will we see these images?

Will people move back? Who can wait 3-6 months even years to rebuild a city that’s already well below sea level? What will the future hold for New Orleans? Even more important, when will the government be able to evacuate all the refugees. It looks like a Battle of New Orleans for a third time. Only much worse.

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