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Being a good fit in sales

Smooth Harold gets a lot of hits from the good ‘ole search engines on how to be a good salesman. But I don’t consider myself a good salesman. Well, at least a hard-selling salesman. Reason being is that my whole approach in driving new business has been the “good fit” method. That is, I do the best I can in the capacity I most enjoy using my work techniques. The client does the same. If those two approaches are aligned, and both parties feel comfortable with the relationship, it’s a go.

In my first year after starting my company, I ignorantly believed that I was the best company for every other business in existence. That’s just not the case anymore (nor was it ever), as I’ve tried to differentiate my efforts which inherently don’t work for everyone.

I’m not saying the “good fit” method works for all salesman, but it has made my closing efforts more enjoyable, less emotional, and more confidant.

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