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Blogging Madness

In addition to Smooth Harold, my personal, work, and business blog, I run a Nintendo Blog on the side to stay young at heart. Dubbed Infendo for “The Nintendo Informant” the site focuses on news and speculation related to upcoming software and hardware released by the Japanese company.

Last week the blog caught on like wild fire. We received an anonymous tip about a speculative advertisement. Being the first to break the story, gaming sites and blogs couldn’t stop linking back to us. Last Friday alone, we had almost 5,000 visitors up from 46 the previous Friday. The blog has been averaging around 2,000 visitors since then and looks to keep growing.

What’s the take-away from this post? Blogging is about mixing news with opinion and then sharing it with others. With a little luck, some publicity, and good postings, thousands of people can take an interest in what you say. Now if I can only get Smooth Harold a jumping. But alas, how interesting can the rambling of a 25 year old web consultant be…