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Cultural Learnings of 2007 for Make Benefit of Smooth Harold

BoratI’m no fan of new year’s resolutions. I think individuals should resolve to improve on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, not yearly. But I am big believer in learning from the previous year, which brings me to my list of top educational attainments and the last post of 2007.

  1. More really is merrier.
    I’m the proud father of two girls instead of one as of October. Before the latest arrival (Hi, Maddie!), I errantly thought that two kids would double the parenting workload. In reality, it feels more like a 1.5 workload with a 2.5 return. Challenging, yes, but even more rewarding than I imagined.
  2. I don’t read enough books.
    I purchased roughly 12 books from Amazon this year — I read 2. I do read daily, but it’s low-calorie popcorn articles, not fine literary text. Junk food reading can only take you so far. I want to read more fiction.
  3. I don’t play enough with my girls.
    Maddie, my two-month old, lights up when I look at her. Sadie, my two-year old, always wants to play. When I oblige, she is delighted, and that makes me feel overjoyed. I’m no Blackberry (or laptop) father, but I can be.
  4. My spiritual progress tanked this year.
    While my professional career and marriage improved over the last 12 months, I selfishly deprived myself of significant eternal nourishment. It feels like pablum, now, and that’s all my fault.
  5. “Turning a negative into a positive” is more than a stale expression.
    On three separate occasions this year, I carelessly wronged three online publishers while freelance writing at a fourth publisher. When each contacted me by email, seeking amends, I was quick to apologize and correct the situation to their satisfaction. I even had the gumption to ask if I could work for them. Two out of three accepted my offer, and became two of my largest accounts this year.
  6. It pays to be unorthodox.
    Lindsey and I have owned two cars, like the majority of Americans, since shortly after celebrating our first anniversary — partly for necessity, but mostly for convenience. After analyzing our situation (I work from home and email-commute), we reluctantly (though thankfully) broke tradition and put our second car (which has remained parked for years) to good use — we liquidated it.

Happy new year, everyone! And thanks for reading Smooth Harold.