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Expectation Management

Many who have read Smooth Harold for sometime probably know that I’m an aspiring writer. Not a very good one, but aspiring none-the-less. We’ll I’ve decided what my first book will be entitled and what it will be about: Expectation Management which will cover the little that I know on project management and how it has effectively helped me manage my workload, clients, contractors, partners, employers, sales pipeline, college, customer service, and even my family relationships.

You see, project management is all about managing expectations of all parties involved on any given project. It can and should be used in not only software development but any engagement that is working towards an end result better than the current state. The gist of Expectation Management is to ensure that all parties know what is expected of them and one another, when deliverables need to be completed, how follow-up will take place, and what will happen if problems or delays arise. It’s not rocket science, so I think I can knock her out in 100 pages or so.

Anyone know a publisher?