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Griffio: New site launches

This is a shameless self-plug for some new Griffio launches. Happy to announce two new releases today. The first is Web Evident 2.0. We did the redesign, branding, coding, and implementation. An interesting story regarding the site’s new style guide: After spending weeks trying to develop a new color scheme for the company, we turned to the CEO’s favorite sport, the NBA. He selected two of his favorite team colors, and we went with the Memphis Grizzlies as the final selection. We got some good inspiration, and the man-in-charge has an added social and personal attachment to his company’s branding.

The second release is the new Smarty Template theme we designed and coded for 10Speed Media. Though we’re sad to see the first site we developed for them go due to company restructuring, we’re happy with the more scalable site and better messaging that we helped create. Nice clean code!

For the full list of site credits, you can subscribe and view the details via our Recently Launched Projects feed. Let me know whatcha think if you’re into this sorta thing.