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How Online Content and Ads Can Co-exist

Free business model idea: Being the quasi designer I consider myself to be, I cringe at the thought of web content being cluttered up with a bunch ads. I also appreciate the importance of a business model. So is there a happy medium between online content and online ads? I think there is, and I call it the “premium web ad.”

If I may steal a thought from the economics playbook, I believe there is a law of diminishing ad returns. That is, for every additional ad you place on a website, the less effective each ad becomes due to the added content “noise.” So a website hosting only one ad as either a top banner (720 x 90) or sky scraper (160 X 600, pictured) should be able to charge a premium, and maybe even earn as much, if not more, as the site might were it running several ads.

Granted, this model might only work with extremely high traffic sites (read: RocketBoom), but as more and more online ads fill our browsers, the price and feasibility of a one, premium web ad existence is sure to increase.

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