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I get interviewed on blogging

I was recently interviewed by a freelance writer on blogging for use in a local business publication. Here are a couple raw thought answers of mine:

Why do you blog? What got you into it in the first place and why do you continue to do it?
I blog in hopes to influence people in a positive way, even if only at a grass roots level through blogging. While I had heard of the phenomenon in late 2003, I didn’t start until after my sister started one in early 2004. I like the concept, and have enjoyed it ever since. Blogging is an integral part of my day to formulate my thoughts, opine on subjects I’m passionate about, and just good ole fashion writing.

How do you think blogging contributes to the world of business — both from the perspective of those who read blogs and from the perspective of those who write blogs?
I think, when done correctly, blogging keeps people honest, both for businesses and consumers. It’s an attempt to add more authenticity in our dealings, communication, and information exchange as humans. Speaking commercially, blogging is a more democratic approach to the buying and selling of goods. Both consumers and companies can benefit from the application when performed in a genuine fashion.

So let’s hear it: Why do you blog, and how does blogging contribute to the world of business?