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I (Heart) Blogging

I’ve just topped the 500 post mark in just under 6 months of active blogging. That’s the most writing I’ve ever done in that short of a period. I enjoy it so much, I think I might try to be a writer someday. Lindsey seems to be okay with it too ’cause she thinks of it as “less dorking around” which is a good thing (although I still dork around).

My gaming blog, has been getting considerable attention over the past little while. It got just under 40,000 unique visitors for the month of September and is now averaging 2,200/day. Little compared to big sites, but big compared to going from 0-40,000 readers in five months. It’s still growing and it should be fun to see where it could go from here.

I’d like to consider myself somewhat creative. Credit my mother for that. But never in my life have I expressed that creative side like in the basic form of writing. I’m used to using a guitar, dreamweaver, photoshop, and other tools. With writing though, the tools used are rudimentary in comparison like a keyboard, pen, or pencil. It’s an enjoyable, yet challenging experience that I hope to get better at it.

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