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“I swear, this is for work.”

Having spent the majority of my time as a video game critic since the latter half of 2006, I say this a lot when confronted by my peers. Yesterday I was “working” on a feature article that required my playing an excessive amount of games. Lindsey’s friend Stephanie came over, only to find me in my living room saving a digital world from evil, in the middle of the day even. “I swear, this is for work,” I said.

My tax people (H&R Block Premium represent) have also heard this excuse as well. Knowing that few individuals can legitimately write-off video game purchases, Sallie, who does both my business and personal filings, documents the expense as “research materials” so as not to raise any red flags. “I swear, this is for work,” I maintain.

Is it really work, then? I wouldn’t go that far. But I have played games against my will to meet a deadline. What I will say is that this is how I make a living. So if you ever hear me retort, “I swear, this if for work,” what I really mean is, “I swear, I’m not dorking around.”

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