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If They Blogged…

I’m heading up a new network of blogs that focuses on historical figures. The idea is to have one blog, edited by proxy, that comments on current events. It will be “in their own words, as if they blogged,” so to speak. From the press release: “ is inviting bloggers to bring back the thoughts, words and knowledge of historical figures and blog about what these individuals would say today about current events or topics in the news if they were still living… if you love to write and you are a passionate and knowledgeable about a historical figure, you are a prime candidate [to blog].”

Just what might Ben Franklin have to say on the current issue of immigration? We’re going to try and find out in a sort of living-historical kind of way. If you know of any editors/bloggers that might be interested, please send them my way. Also, what historical figures would you like to see blog if they were still living?