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I’ll tell you exactly how this story ends

bane blackgate speechThis story.

(Note: When reading the below spoiler, it works best if received as Bane would deliver it. Got it? Good. Here’s how it’ll go down.)

White-collar workers will burnout, inspiration will wither. Compulsive disorders will rise, productivity, focus, and attention spans will fall.

Loved ones, friends, and family will be ignored. Mental and physical health will be depleted, and cast out as a deafening level of self-importance surrounds us.

Passions will die. Joy will with it.

But it doesn’t have to end that way. It’s why I’m writing a book on the subject. With guts, discipline, and offline identity, “we will endure.” We’ll eventually put these online devices in their rightful place and be better for it.

But act II of the story will be crucial in getting to the end. I’ll tell you that part later this year.