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Let’s get this movement started: Introducing The Offline Podcast


Blake Snow

In addition to sporadic columns and the upcoming book, I’m publishing the first episode of The Offline Podcast today to help spread the message. Here’s what you can expect from the show: 

  • It’ll be weekly, so long as there’s a following for it.
  • It’ll be fast, no more than 20-30 minutes on average.
  • Every show will be “casual friday.” By that I mean we’ll embrace informalities while sparing you the oh-so-boring small talk of “how was your weekend?” weather banter, and/or a three minute recap of the hosts’ latest bout with nasopharyngitis, aka the common cold.

Who should listen: If you are feeling burned out, overwhelmed, or stuck in a perpetual rut of screen refreshes, new message checks, phone obsession, narcissistic status updates… or if you just want ideas on enjoying offline and face-to-face experiences more, this may be the podcast for you.

Today on the show: I Forgot My Phone, The Fallacy of “Work-Life Blend,” listener mail, an update on the book, and a teaser for next week’s show. It’s a celebration of analog life, people!

Special thanks to my co-host and color commentator, Josh Rhine, Skype, Call Recorder, GarageBand, Seriously Simple Podcasting, Zoolander, Radiohead, and Jackie Davis. 

Listen now! (32 min. mp3) | Subscribe: iTunes | Feed