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My thrilling status updates for the week

  • Doesn’t believe a potato has ever been overcooked. It’s impossible, in fact, says the man waiting for potato. #
  • Sorry, but if I don’t know you in real life you’re not going to be my Facebook friend. – Jordan Boyce #
  • finds personality-driven political talk shows uninspiring€”on any channel. How do cable subscribers watch this stuff? Gross. #
  • Toyoto really needs to change their tagline. “Moving forward,” isn’t a good thing for a someone with brake problems. #
  • fiddling with your phone during dinner or while at someone’s house is rude. There, I said it. #
  • Great article. “Suing a competitor typically makes them more relevant, not less.” #
  • Hot. Especially the breakdown. #
  • thinks breathy vocals ruin trance music. Instrumental or go home, please. #
  • can only land 58 plans in Flight Control. For now. #
  • Where did you learn to climb trees like that!? The Pacific Northwest. #
  • The English invented it, the Brazilians perfected it. #
  • Nice article for sports fans #
  • My 2yo had a nightmare last night and woke up the house. What was this night terror? Someone had “stolen [her] pink purse.” The horror. #

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