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New Orleans: Delays and Blame

As with many of you, the situation in New Orleans has weighed heavily on my mind over the past few days. My father-in-law who works as a naval officer recently provided good insight as to why the federal relief took, and is taking so long.

  1. Command and control. He said the federal government waited for Louisiana to ask for help which they did not do until late in the week. The federal government should have taken the initiative though after seeing the images of New Orleans that I saw on Tuesday night. He even says a lot of officials still don’t know who’s in charge of what.
  2. International priority. He said that the federal government seems to care more with foreign aid when the “world is watching” than if a disaster happens in our own backyard. If this is the case, then that is very said. We elected these individuals to care for US citizens first, then the rest of humanity.
  3. Social prejudice. He said he also felt the sense of “we told them to get out.” Only problem is the poor couldn’t and still can’t get out. This isn’t the first time in US or World history for that matter that the poor have been left behind, irregardless of their race.

I feel the government, especially President Bush is to blame for the delay. However, I do not feel this situation is similar to a terrorist attack like many reporters are saying. Terrorist have nothing on the havoc that Mother Nature can render. If you still feel the need to blame someone right away, blame the category 5 Hurricane Katrina and the civil engineering of a city that’s 10 feet below sea level, yet right next to the sea.