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Now with 100% more PSTriple…

I decided to buy a PS3 on a whim this week. To be honest, this game (Heavenly Sword) will be released as a demo tomorrow, and I just couldn’t deny myself the HD action-adventure goodness. So far I’m happy with my purchase. The interface is beautifully simple and well-organized, I really like the PlayStation store for downloadable games, demos, and videos, and I’ve liked what I’ve played so far. No buyer’s remorse what so ever.

The hardware is leagues ahead of the unreliable Xbox 360. For a hefty $500, you get access to Sony’s upcoming and traditionally stellar first-party games, a Blu-ray player, 60GB hard drive, wireless networking, and one of my personal favs, free online multiplayer (albeit limited in comparison to 360’s more expansive list of supported games).

I will admit, the system feels a bit stale at the moment due to a lack of truly compelling software, and it easily trails the Wii in the freshness department. But I’m optimistic of the future prospects, the visuals are gorgeous, and its fall linup of games has my interests piqued.