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Online Ebook on Entrepreneurship

Not only does Bruce Judson, Author of Go It Alone! understand how to use free online content to increase his exposure and success, he also has some good thoughts on starting a business. From the book: “Today, the conventional wisdom about how to start a substantial business is just plain wrong. Now, you don’t need to raise a lot of money first, you don’t need a team of employees, and you don’t need limitless financial resources.”

I started my first company, Griffio, almost three years ago with $100. I put in $50 and my partner put in $50. We purchased a crappy hosting plan, bought, built our site, and worked our tails off to land new business which we did some two months after starting. Though Griffio is not huge today, that initial $100 combined with a lot of time spent has made for an exponential return on investment. Entrepreneurship has made work my passion and a part of my life rather than something I do. It’s good to like going into work on Monday.

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