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Perspective Research

There is a new research philosophy aiming to replace satisfaction surveys. It’s called perspective research and it’s all about exposing a customer’s unmet needs. It can not only help retain current clients but attract new ones through the use of an online survey. (Griffio can help you build the latter!)

Unlike satisfaction surveys, perspective research focuses on what companies want to become rather than how well you worked for them. The basic premise is to ask questions that incite genuine responses. For example: “If your firm could be a famous personality, who would it be? Who would you want to be?” By asking that, you find out what they want to become and what you can provide to help them get there.

We have found this technique to be very effective. An example of this would be one of our first clients. While working for them, we found that they wanted to be the technology leader in their industry. By knowing that, we were able to upsell a custom database valued at over six times what they were already paying per year. Revenue we hadn’t even seen the first time we worked for them.

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