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Professional yet playful communication

I’ve had an epiphany of sorts in the way I interact and communicate with several of my business prospects and clients since the beginning of this year: Spicing things up a bit while remaining professional can really make a difference in how people respond. It’s what I call professional yet playful communication (PP communication for short).

To give you an idea, here is how I responded to a prospective (now current) client last month regarding some project management concerns of his: “I’m am a project management ninja!” Cocky? A little. But I’ve built my business atop a well-thought out project management process, so a word like “ninja” sounds so much better, more enjoyable, and less dull then some overused and tired business cliche not worth repeating.

Take a look at the phase names of another site we’re developing:

  1. Phase I – A New Hope
  2. Phase II – The Twinkie Strikes Back
  3. Phase III – Return of the Investment

Silly? Maybe. But it’s made the work more enjoyable for all involved, and it gets results. Granted, I may not land every deal while using such a juvenile word like ninja, but a majority have no option but to take notice and more often than not appreciate the comedic differentiation, however off-the-wall.

This isn’t to say I avoid a more conventional approach when a prospect warrants it, but even then I try to be candid and personable as possible. So do you mix things up in your professional communication, or is it all business?