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Romney Denies Mormon Fundraising Connection

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney denied his Mormon fundraising connection in speaking to ABC News today. When asked if the $3M raised in Utah of his Republican-leading $20 million was tied to his being a Latter-Day Saint, Romney dodged the affiliation citing his 2002 Olympic popularity and his being a former resident of the state. The presidential hopeful corrected NY Times allegations that Utah raised “more per capita than any other state” citing California as holding the honor (Nota bene: In shere numbers, Cali is home to more Mormons than Utah).

First, I recognize that Romney is liked for what he did at the 2002 Olympics, for once living in Utah, for his success as a business man, and for his work in Massachusetts as Governor. But is there anything wrong with Romney stating the obvious? Like, “My record aside, of course people with a similar faith are more likely to financially support me.” Just seems like human nature to me, and I’m sure Catholics were extra generous with Kennedy. Despite some journalists fishing for stories that Romney’s church quietly endorses him, is there anything wrong with like individuals supporting each other due to a natural affinity? The issue seems akin to asking Obama about high black turnout or high female turnout for Clinton supporters.

So from a strategic standpoint, I think Romney has a better chance being forthright about his religious supporters.

Disclosure: I’m Mormon, not a Republican or Democrat, won’t vote in the primaries, and still don’t know whom I’ll vote for in 2008.