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Seattle SEO Conference Roundup

I had the chance this past Friday to attend Search Engine Watch‘s SEO conference in Seattle. Here’s what I enjoyed the most about the event:

  • Many SEO professionals, including both Google and Yahoo representatives reiterated my belief that good SEO entails optimizing your content for humans first and search engines will follow. (content optimization)
  • For publishers: Try using both Adsense and Yahoo Publisher Network for your contextual site ads. Many have seen significant revenue increases from one server to the other. Retry these services every six months.
  • For publishers: Use phpAdsNew for ad cycling and reporting.
  • Remember to use Wordtracker for keyword ideas if you don’t already.
  • Yahoo Answers is growing off the hook. Very cool website with a large and very active reader/contributor community.

I owed Tim (who went to the conference with me along with Phil) a baseball ticket, so he and I went to a Mariners game on Friday night and watched them beat the Padres in an excellent game with six home runs and one heck of a play at the play thanks to Ichiro. Good times.

Presentations here [Search Enging Watch]