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Six ways to become a better salesmen

Friend, colleague, and referral ninja extraordinaire Chris Knudsen outlines six ways to become a better salesmen, Zig Ziglar not required. He writes: “Bottom line: solve problems, sell benefits not features, sell value, show value, listen, educate, have empathy and build real relationships. By doing these things correctly, I promise you will see a dramatic increase in your sales.”

I especially like Chris’s counsel to ask good open-ended questions that show the client you’re thinking about their pain areas and how to improve their business.

I personally believe sales really are the most important thing you can engage in as a company, even though it’s not an area I particularly excel in. For example, a company with a great product but no sales will never take off. On the contrary, a company with a crappy product and great salesman does take off and can largely stay a float until they burn through all the prospective (unsatisfied) clients.

Have a company with a great product and great sales? Well that’s gold, Jerry! Gold I tell you!

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