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Smooth Harold on Signal vs. Noise

Well the boys at 37 Signals (Signal vs. Noise is their blog) liked what I had to say about their new eBook. They re-posted my original comment on their follow-up post. From the article: “As for the book itself, here’s some early feedback (found at the original launch announcement post): ‘In a word, quality. Thanks 37s for what you’re doing and for sharing the knowledge love. -Blake'”

In this, the web 2.0 age, there’s something very exciting about seeing your name posted elsewhere. If anyone wants to know what to get me for my birthday, a handful of warm HTML links back to Smooth Harold would have me giddy. “Handshake” networking will only take you so far. “Thought” networking through blogging will broaden your reach and the opportunities that present themselves. So get your Google juice and link love on the rise via quality content. As always, thanks to those that have linked to the site and have valued the little that I know.