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The Long Tail Book Will Not Be Long Tail

Chances are if you work online you’re familiar with the idea of The Long Tail which is you can still turn a profit on lesser-known goods like books, music, and DVDs because there is virtually no additional inventory cost to keep these items online forever. Basically, it’s a big, albeit old idea. Well, the book comes out this week, and it will likely end up being the biggest seller of the year, contrary to the book’s strategy of turning a profit.

Here are some of the more critical book review excerpts: “An amazing concept, but a little long-winded… [and] Good ideas, but trades ‘hipness’ for accuracy in places.” The idea of the long-tail was sitting right in front of us all this time, but credit to Chris Anderson (author and editor of Wired Magazine) for coining the term. Oh where would we be without business books?