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The Rich Give Little

The rich sure don’t do much to help out. Chevy is donating a measly $1000 to charity for every postseason baseball game played this fall. That’s about a whopping $25,000 from a corporation that makes billions. How generous of you Chevy…

Also, the sports world doesn’t seem to do much for philanthropy either. When Hurricane Katrina hit, Dion Sanders proposed that all NBA, MLB, NFL players each donate a wimpy $1000 each. That’s like me donating less than a penny to charity. Way to go guys…

And don’t even get me started on celebrities. Save a tree and fly my own private jet across the world while burning through tons of natural resources. Sponsor groups to solicit donations rather than giving to them. To be fair, there are those that are very generous in giving, but it’s sad to say that a vast majority don’t share that conviction. It’s just insanely ironic that those with money make up less than 10% of charitable donations.

It’s good to have the little people in the world, and I hope to always be a little person in that regard.