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Things I’m thankful for in 2009

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Behold—my obligatory Thanksgiving post. In honesty, I actually write these for myself, as they’re fun to look back on. But most importantly, they make me feel blessed. And who doesn’t like to feel blessed?!

  1. A growing family. See those smiling faces? I learned this summer that another is on the way (wouldn’t you know it, a girl!)—due the first week of March. Although the male species is quickly being outnumbered in our house, I couldn’t be happier with no. 3’s approaching arrival.
  2. At 30, a healthy body. After back surgery last year, I enjoyed phenomenal health this year, one that allowed for regular fitness, better sleep, and increased energy. Awesome.
  3. I no longer live a double life. After four years, I cut the cord on my Blackberry data plan. It now functions as a regular old phone with a killer keyboard for text messaging. I can’t begin to tell you what a positive impact this has had on my life. I will never go back to being on a leash. Thanks for showing me the light, Montana.
  4. Unexpected income. Since The Great Recession hit last year, my business took a hit. Nevertheless, work came from unexpected places this year to fill in the gaps. It’s humbling, and it makes me feel extremely fortunate. To all my loyal clients, associates, and comrades that keep me honest, thank you.
  5. FiveFingers. They make me look like a doofus, but these shoes have turned running into an experience instead of a chore, something I never thought possible before.
  6. My new hairdo. For making me feel cool.
  7. Robinson Crusoe. My favorite book this year.
  8. People that cheer me on. To my parents, siblings, extended family, friends, ward members, underdogs, and even the stranger that gives me high-fives, you make me proud to be human.
  9. My loving wife. Lindsey, you always make me feel secure. You are supportive. You are a selfless. You are beautiful. I love you.
  10. Divine intervention. Although not always received in the way we want or expect, I have seen it affect my life for the better. Without my faith, I would fear tomorrow. With my faith, I welcome tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving, readers.

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