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TIME calls bloggers “random lunatics”

In an article entitled “Do Newspapers Have a Future,” author Michael Kinsley at TIME magazine had this to say: “Meanwhile, there is the blog terror: people are getting their understanding of the world from random lunatics riffing in their underwear, rather than professional journalists with standards and passports.”

He’s got a point. However, he also exposes the overall threatened view of traditional media towards bloggers, and rightfully so. Meta-journalism exists, works, and will naturally eat into the audience of papers, TV, and magazines. Though I blog both personally and professionally, I still believe the traditional reporter/journalist has a future, but I also believe good bloggers obviate the total number of of needed journalists, so expect continued change in the industry.

Kinsley does comment on why blogs are so popular and why British press is generally better: “The Brits have never bought into the American separation of reporting and opinion. They assume that an intelligent person, paid to learn about some subject, will naturally develop views about it. And they consider it more truthful to express those views than to suppress them in the name of objectivity.”

I call it logical subjectivity. People like humans with opinions. Everyone knows FOX is more conservative and CNN is more liberal. Isn’t it about time each start embracing their subjectivity rather than spinning their offering as “fair and balanced?”