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Top 12 American foods

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I love food. I love America. Put the two together, and you get these, the 12 most iconic American foods:

  1. Hamburger. Classic. Fantastic. Our biggest culinary export. The perfect example of our super-indulgent, informal, on-the-go style food.
  2. Tex-Mex. Mexican is the greatest Latin American cuisine and arguably better than even Spanish cuisine. But bastardized American-Mexican is just as good. Believe it or not, chimichangas, nachos, fajitas, burritos, hardshell tacos, and “American tacos” filled with seasoned ground beef, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, and cheddar cheese were all invented in America, not Mexico. They all rock.
  3. Pizza. Originally invented by Italy, but perfected in American with flimsy, foldable New York style, deep dish Chicago style, and rectangle, focaccia Detroit style. All three are delicious!
  4. Fried chicken. Roast chicken is one of the most savory things you will ever taste in your life. Fried chicken is like roast chicken on “carb-o-rated” steroids. So unhealthy but so, so good.
  5. Peanut butter and jelly. I freakin love these things and still try to eat one a month. I ate one nearly every weekday as a kid.
  6. Bar-b-que. Brisket. Pulled pork. Dry rub. Dripping wet. Vinegar based. Mustard based. It don’t matter. They’re all scrumptious.
  7. Chocolate chip cookies. Although not our most popular dessert (see below), it’s my personal favorite. Thank you, Toll House!
  8. Ice cream. Need I say more?
  9. Brownies. It is a cake or chocolate cookie? Both!
  10. Macaroni and cheese. Pasta cooked in milk and mixed with gooey cheddar cheese? Yes please!
  11. Hot dogs. Although a known carcinogen, these little sausage rockets topped with mustard, relish, and onions are worth eating every now and then.
  12. Popcorn. Is there a greater finger food? Probably not.

Honorable mentions: Thanksgiving dinner, pumpkin pie, cornbread, clam chowder, mashed potatoes, apple pie, biscuits and gravy, key lime pie, clam chowder, tater tots.